clandestine_ana (clandestine_ana) wrote in deathbyana,

Some of you may know me as xmkeitelectricx....this is my ed journal.

I cut earlier :-(
I promised myself I wouldnt...but my body is already hideous that a few more scars won't make a noticeable difference.
My entire body is burning w/ razer cuts.
I'm still not satisfied...
My ex from Al is visiting WA for the week. Yesterday he came over and we talked, and ended up having sex.
He took a few pictures w/ my digital during, and after he left I looked at them...I'm so grossly fat.ugh, he's prolly just using me for goodbye sex...I'm stressing out over him being in town, so much that I took the time to rant in a few lame advice communities...which didnt help my self-esteem one bit. Most all the responses were, "hes playing you", "guys lie about the number of girls theyve fucked" yadda yadda. Urg! To read what I wrote go here(

Right now It'd be so convenient to take a few sleeping pills and down some shots...
But, I want to leave a nice looking corpse, so I'll let Ana finish me off.
Before yesterday I was trying to not I don't need to try.
Im not hungry.
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